International Women's Day/Women's History Month at Ripley St Thomas

March is Women’s History Month and 8th March is the UN recognised International Women’s Day.  The impetus for establishing an International Women’s Day can be traced back to the thousands of women, all garment workers, striking in New York City in February 1908 in a protest against working conditions.  It can also be traced back to Russian women protesting and striking for ‘Bread and Peace’ in 1917, which resulted in the provisional government granting women the right to vote following the abdication of the Czar 4 days later. 

Ripley School is celebrating the contributions of women in history by running a series of competitions within the History Department throughout March.  On 8 March, there is a quiz ‘Women who changed the World’ with all correct entries being entered into a prize draw.  The silent starter in History lessons will focus on the importance of women in History, which will lead to class discussions about the contributions of women in History and how we can ensure that these contributions are recognised.

The History Department has a large display focused on ‘100 Women Who Changed the World’ with students being encouraged to nominate their own choices.  Ripley’s top choice will be revealed!!! Students will have the opportunity to enter another competition; this time to design a poster showing the ‘women the history books forgot’.