Ground Source Heating Work at Morecambe Bay Academy

For over 50 years, Casey has built a strong track-record as the leading name in community construction and refurbishment in Manchester and the Northwest of England. The Casey Companies are well established within the construction and environmental sectors and operate throughout the north of England.  Our activities span construction, civil engineering, land reclamation, public realm and environmental works, developments, and plant hire and service. We were delighted to be asked back in early 2021 to design a ground source heating system for Morecambe Bay Academy that would provide more efficient heating and hot water throughout the Academy.

How does Ground Source Heating work

In simple terms if you place a canned drink into your fridge the can of drink becomes cold, and the back of fridge becomes hot. The fridge is pumping heat from the can (cold) to the back (hot) The can is the ground loop, and the back of the fridge is the heating system, ground source heating works in the exact same way as your fridge at home, but in reverse. Simple.

The system consists of four main areas.

  • Boreholes to extract heat from the ground, 72 bore holes were required at a depth of 130m.
  • Heat pumps to generate the heat.
  • Distribution system
  • Controls

Benefits of Ground Source Heating.

  • Provide a constant supply of heating and hot water.
  • Clean and Green heating system
  • Safer than combustion heating systems
  • No on-site emissions
  • Efficient technology with a COP of 4.5
  • Shows commitment to the environment.
  • Long life span with minimal maintenance.