Carnforth High School Storytelling Festival

Carnforth High School held a Year 7 Storytelling Festival on Friday, 18th October.  All Year 7 students took part in the Festival where they showcased their work from the first half-term.  Year 7 had been working on narrative writing including structuring a story, plot twists, characters and descriptive writing to make their stories as engaging as possible.  They had also learnt about spoken storytelling traditions and how to present stories in an exciting way.  First, students read their stories to each other and had class competitions to select the four strongest storytellers.  The selected students then performed in front of all Year 7s.  Their stories ranged from magic to caterpillars, baking disasters to mystical worlds! Following a close student vote and intense discussion amongst the staff, two finalists were selected, Isabelle Miller and Will Stuttard, to tell their stories to Year 7.  Will's comic story had the audience laughing whereas Isabelle's intense and suspenseful story kept everyone on the edge of their seats.  After much consideration, Isabelle was announced as the winner.  Well done to Isabelle and to all of Year 7 for their hard work.